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We want to help you, we want to be part of your team

We are an office of economists and lawyers specialized in the counseling of freelancers and companies (of small and medium size).

We place at your disposal our ample technical and computer-based infrastructure with the objective of providing the best counseling regarding your fiscal and work-related obligations.

We know we can be your fiscal, work-related, accounting and legal consultants. To this end we use the new technologies of the internet and management programs, so that you will get:

  • Fluid communication for all of your fiscal and work-related inquiries.
  • An easy way to exchange documentation and information regarding your business. You will be able to have, with the maximum security and confidentiality, all your documents digitalized, allowing you to have access to them at any time or place.
  • Reports and analysis of the evolution of your business, in an easy manner and according to your needs.
Photography of Lorenzo Romero Robles
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Lorenzo Romero Robles


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Francisco García Rodríguez


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Helena Olcina Sánchez


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Fany Berenguer Rosaleny

(Account executive)

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