• We manage your community in a transparent manner

    Providing you access to all of the information in real time

  • Personalized consultancy and tailored to each business

    We offer what you really need, ask for a quote

  • Modern consultancy

    We place at your disposal the best technological platform

  • Personalized quote, according to your needs

    We study each case, to provide the most adequate services and at the best price

  • A professional team specialized in different areas

    According to your inquiry, you will be met by the most suitable professional

  • Lawyers and Economists within your reach

    Our experience and knowledge warrant good results

  • We support freelance workers

    With special services for freelancers, easier, more efficient

  • We are near you

    We provide our services in all of the Costa del Sol

Consultancy Services in the Costa del Sol

Asesoría y Gestoría Fiscal y Contable Estepona
Logotipo Asesoría Gestión y Finanzas

Fiscal and Accountant

Querying, filing, submission and elaboration of taxes tailored to each company or freelancer.

Asesoría y Gestoría Laboral Marbella
Logotipo Asesoría Gestión y Finanzas San Pedro de Alcantara

Asesoría Work-related

We counsel you about contracts, bonuses, work-related inspections, etc.

Administración de fincas Marbella
Logotipo Asesoría Gestión y Finanzas San Pedro Alcantara

Estate management

Allow us to be your trustworthy administrator! Transparent consultancy and management

Asesoría y Gestoría de Derecho Bancario Costa del Sol
Logotipo Asesoría Gestión y Finanzas


Don’t let them keep your money! Reclaim mortgage expenses, floor clauses, IRPH, banco popular

Consultancy plans

Consultancy for Companies

Consultancy for Companies

Foremost, we differentiate ourselves because we look for the top quality in every service we provide

Company’s Plan

Consultancy for Freelancers

Consultancy for Freelancers

We provide a personalized service in accordance with your field

Freelancers Plan

Consultancy for Entrepreneurs

Consultancy for Entrepreneurs

When it comes to entrepreneurship, good consultancy can make the difference between success and failure

Entrepreneurs Plan

Financial Consultancy

Financial Consultancy

Finances are analysis, not intuition. Let professionals counsel you

Financial Plan

Claims against banks

You should not be afraid to claim what is yours

Claims against banks

Claim of Mortgage Expenses

Mortgage formalization expenses are the sums derived from the payment of notary, management, taxes and valuation which you paid when you signed your mortgage.

Are you going to give your money away to the bank?


Claim of Floor Clauses

The Floor Clause is a clause included in many mortgage contracts which establishes a minimum interest to be paid in the mortgage’s monthly instalments, regardless of the interest marked by the market.

Do you know how much money you have overpaid?


Claim of IRPH

The IRPH (or Reference Index of Mortgage Loans) is one of the interest rates most commonly used in Spain along with the Euribor. Mortgages referenced to this index have very high interest rates.

Don’t let them overcharge you interests!


Affected by the Banco Popular

We are the reference point office when it comes to processing Multi-currency Mortgage claims, Bankia actions, Preferentials, Floor Clauses and other financial products. We assess your case free of charge.

Do you feel deceived and don’t know where to turn?


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